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Instant Life Experience Degrees


Ok, stop me if you've heard this one before. You're up for a promotion and you 

cross your fingers that the boss will give you that raise you deserve. 

You KNOW you can do the work, but what happens? You get passed over in 

favor of someone who went to college and got a post secondary education. 

In other words, you never had the "papers" you needed to show you can do the work! 

Well, NOW you can get those papers without spending 1000's of dollars and going 

back to school for several years. There is a new advancement concept called a 

"life experience degree" where, instead of going on to university, you get 

credit for the actual work experience you already have NOW!


These are 100% REAL accredited college degrees, issued based on JOB

experience rather than education. You may have heard of these already and

I totally understand that many people are skeptical about them, so please

keep on reading if you'd like to separate the fact from fiction...


First of all, you can NOT become a lawyer or heart doctor or any kind of

professional like that with one of these degrees. While you CAN be issued a

REAL Bachelor, Associates, Masters OR even a Doctorate, these are

given based on the credentials listed on your application when you apply for

your subject of choice and NOT for something of which you are not fully

qualified to do. Here are examples of what they can and cannot do for you.


Example: You've worked in a restaurant for the past few years as an

assistant manager and you are good at your job. You find out that the

Manager is leaving to pursue a career somewhere else, so you naturally

apply for the position assuming that you are the obvious choice for the

promotion (and pay raise), but the owner hires someone else because

they have a college degree in business, leaving you as 2nd in command

yet again. You think, "If ONLY I had the paperwork to PROVE I can do

it! I KNOW I can do this job!", but you're stuck. You don't want to leave

your job now to go away for years and get 1000's of dollars in debt just to

learn what you know ALREADY. What can you do? A Simple Solution!

Get A Life Experience Degree!!


instant degrees


Need a commerce certificate to get a promotion within your company?

Get an instant degree!


Need a basic BA just to get ahead? Get one instantly!


Well, ok, it actually takes 5 business days to process, but these are very

quick degrees issued to you ASAP because we know you NEED them to

get ahead in such a competitive work force nowadays.


Now, here's an example of what you can NOT do, using the above scenario

to illustrate my point. You worked in a restaurant for years, but you suddenly

decide you want to be a neurosurgeon. Sorry, we can't help you! That will

take you many hard years of studying and plenty of money to do, but I still

wish you all the best! Your job work experience must be related at least

somewhat to the degree in which you wish to optain your credentials.


You can get a business degree just from previous work as a cashier!

Get a Bachelor Of Fine Arts from being an amateur artist!

Have a BSc in Computer Science from working as a secretary!

Turn your love of music into a management career!


Invest In Your Future!


There are MANY ways in which you can get ahead in life and career

using this method. You only need to look at the HUGE subject list to

choose from to find something that relates to what you have done and

what you would like to do in the future. Be creative!!


life experience degrees


Issued By Real Accredited Universities!


These are NOT fake degrees or worthless pieces of paper like you can

buy at a dollar store. During the several years I've been working as a

Degrees Broker, the question I get asked most is "Where do these diploma

papers come from? Are they real??". YES, they are!


Here are the facts. These are small, obscure universities and colleges

that are legal, real and accredited, BUT they have a very small amount of

graduates every year and, to help with the high cost of running the schools

within their operating budget, they issue credentials to outsiders in exchange

for relatively small amounts of money that offset their costs. Since you're not

actually physically enrolled in their classes, then they don't incure the associated

costs and, basically, all you need to pay are their administrative costs and shipping.


The other thing is it's impossible to know which school will accept your life

experience application. There is a group of these colleges that we work with

and the one that is the best fit with your application will be the one that is the

issuing school. It depends mostly on your chosen field of expertise, although

there are 3 main universities that we submit to and ALL are 100% Real!


Many people have used these life experience degrees to instantly get ahead in

their chosen career path and you can too! The following testimonial sums it up well:


"My cousin is the proud owner of a Marketing Degree (Certificate, transcripts

and everything for about $200). The Certificate is legal and the college

will back it up if there are enquiries. It does make a mockery of the learning

system because I have been studying History for over 7 years and it has

been hard work. However my cousin did it to move up to a better paid job

(which she got) solely on the piece of paper she had.

Can you blame her for using initiative on moving up the career ladder?"

                                                                       - Forum Post by JP

It REALLY is the better, faster and easier way to get ahead!

Save 1000's of dollars and get one now for less than $200!


What are you waiting for?

Take charge of your future NOW!!


Apply or read more about Instant Degrees here!


instant diploma

(For illustrative purposes only. This is not an actual diploma!)


All these best to your future success!


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