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NOTE: This program is now inactive!!

WorkFor3Dollars - WF3D Explained!


WorkFor3Dollars (WF3D) is a 3x15 forced matrix system with a twist.

For a ONE time membership fee of only $3 you have the potential to make over $2,000,000!

Plus, there are actually TWO ways to make money with this program. Let me explain:

The obvious way is by getting referrals because you make money from EVERY 

single member of your downline for 15 levels deep. Wow!

Also, you only need THREE referrals before the system goes on autopilot!

Omce you have just 3 people referred, then you can help your downline get 3.


work for 3 dollars


The 2nd way to make money is through Work For 3 Dollars reseller ebooks.

They have a collection of best selling ebook downloads that you get the resale rights to, 

which you can sell for whatever price you want. Even one $3 ebook sale would pay 

for your membership fee and make everything else turn into FREE money for you!

 These are NOT just any old offers either, but are the writings of respected authors 

in the affiliate business who teach you all you need to know to succeed online!




Why do I love Tuesdays? Because Tuesday is payday at WorkFor3Dollars!!

Why wait to get paid by an affiliate program that takes weeks or even months to pay?

With the "work for 3 dollars" plan, you get paid every WEEK, like clockwork!

(WF3D even paid me on Monday last week, so it was a bit early)

Even better, the payout is at a mere THREE DOLLARS, so you no longer 

have to wait to achieve some high, unrealistic goal like in some scams that   

never pay you and then keep all the money you've earned so far. 

Here you can realistically get paid EVERY single week!


I think that's what I like most about workfor3dollars...

It has realistic, acheivable goals where you can easily make a few $100 per month 

without a high investment or impossible things to promote online.

Sure, the ultimate goal would be the 2 million, but hey, even a steady income 

of a few bucks each week is great for most of us struggling online, right?

I researched thoroughly before joining myself and found that even basic members  

were making a nice income without much effort and it seemed like something I 

could actually do without getting discouraged, like in so many other programs.


Read More About WorkFor3Dollars Explained


Oh, and another good thing about Work For Three Dollars is that, even if you 

are not very good at referring people to online affiliate programs, with them you 

are allowed to sign up under your OWN downline to fill up your matrix plan.

So, if you look at your down line and realize you need just one more person .

under you to make another $100 a month, then just simply refer yourself!

All you have to do is have different usernames, but you can share the same account!

You can also do this as MANY times as you want, to really make the money add up!


WorkFor3Dollars (WF3D) is also like a friendly community where members help 

each other to succeed, It's not like some big, cold company that forgets all about 

you once you've joined them. The other members here WANT you to make money 

and there is no rivalry or competitiveness like in some other places.

They DO have contests, but they are FUN, like the current banner creating 

contest they have running right now. I suck at making banners though! lol


Read More About How WorkFor3Dollars Works


OR (if you're ready to take the next step)


Sign Up To WorkFor3Dollars - WF3D Here!


That's it, really. Just a simple plan to make long term money.

For the price of a coffee you could be getting paid over and over again 

every week this year and beyond! What have you got to lose? Give it a shot!

We will ALL work together to help you succeed...I promise!!

All the best to you and have a GREAT year!!

Thanks For Reading...


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